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AOC Gaillac premières côtes machine translated reference / legal text

This text was automatically translated, so the grammar may be a little strange. We hope this text still proves useful.

Decree of November 26, 2004 relating to the controlled label of origin “Gaillac premières côtes” - J.O n° 277 of November 28, 2004 page 20265 text n° 60

Article 1Seuls are entitled to L ? name D ? controlled origin “Gaillac premières côtes” the white wines which answer the conditions fixed hereafter. Geographical article 2L ? surface of production of the wines is defined by the territory of the following communes of the department of the Tarn: Alos, Amarens, Andillac, Aussac, Bernac, Bournazel, Brens, Broze, Busque, Cabannes (Them), Cadalen, Cahuzac-

on-Vère, Campagnac, Carlus, Castanet, Castelnau-of-Lévis, Castelnau-of-Montmiral, Cestayrols, Combefa, Cords, Coufouleux, Donnazac, Fayssac, Fenols, Florentin, Frausseilles, Gaillac, Giroussens, Itzac, Labastide-of-Lévis, Labessière-Candeil, Lagrave, Larroque, Lasgraisses, Verdier, Lisle-on-Tarn, Livers-Cazelles, Loubers, Loupiac, Milhavet, Montans, Montels, Mouzieys-Panens, Noailles, Parisot, Peyrole, Puycelci, Rabastens, Rivers, Rouffiac, Salvagnac, Senouillac, Saint-Beauzile, Holy-Cecile-of-Cayrou, Holy-Cross, Saint-Marcel-Camp, Saint-Sulpice, Souel, Técou, Tonnac, Old man, Villeneuve-on-Vère, Vindrac-Alayrac, Virac. The wines result from grape harvest collected on a surface delimited by pieces or part of pieces on the territory of the following communes of the department of the Tarn: Bernac, Broze, Cahuzac-on-Vère, Castanet, Cestayrols, Fayssac, Gaillac, Labastide-of-Lévis, Lisle-on-Tarn, Montels and Senouillac, such qu ? it was approved by the national committee of L ? national Institut of names D ? origin of the wines and brandies in its meeting of May 18, 1984, on Commission proposal D ? expert indicated to this end. The zone of production of the grapes thus delimited is deferred on the cadrastal maps deposited to the town hall of the common interested parties.

Article 3Les wines come from following type of vines, with L ? exclusion of very other. Principal type of vines: len of L ? El B, mauzac B, mauzac rosy Rs, muscadelle B. As from harvest 2007, L ? together of these four type of vines must account for at least 50% of L ? encépagement white. Complementary type of vines: -

jusqu ? with harvest 2027 included: ondenc B, sauvignon B, sémillon B for the vines planted before the publication of this decree; - as from harvest 2028: ondenc B, sauvignon B. By the term “encépagement”, it is necessary to include/understand L ? encépagement totality of the pieces of L ? exploitation producing the wine of L ? name D ? controlled origin referred to above. As from harvest 2007, the wines come D ? at least a principal type of vine. Lorsqu ? they are vinified separately, the wines resulting from various type of vines are assembled in wine containers before the examinations analytical and organoleptic envisaged with L ? article 8 hereafter.

Article 4Les vines are cut and led according to following methods': -

simple size goblet, guyot and cord of royat with a maximum total of 10 fruit-bearing eyes per foot; - size pull knob with a maximum total of 8 fruit-bearing eyes per foot; - the minimal density is 4.000 feet with L ? hectare with a maximum spacing of 2,5 meters between the rows, except with regard to the vines cut out of goblet where this spacing is fixed at 2,2 meters. The distance minimum between the feet on the row is 0,8 meter. The height of minimum foliage corresponds to 0,5 times L ? spacing between the rows. The provisions relating to L ? spacing between the rows and to the height of foliage S ? do not apply to the vines planted in terrace. However, vines planted before the publication of this decree, of which the density of plantation is at least 3.500 feet per hectare, which do not respect the provisions relating to the density of plantation and those relating to the spacings between the rows and the feet continue to profit for their harvest from the right to L ? name D ? controlled origin “Gaillac” jusqu ? with their pulling up and at the latest jusqu ? with harvest 2027 included, provided the exploitations concerned subscribe near the services of L ? national Institut of names D ? origin an individual bill book of reconversion of the vines concerned. This bill book must provide that: 30% of the vines concerned with the exemption are put in conformity with the provisions of this decree for harvest 2017; 50% of the vines concerned with the exemption are put in conformity with the provisions of this decree for harvest 2022.

Article 5Les wines answer the conditions fixed at articles R. 641-

73 at R. 641-88 of the rural code. The basic output is fixed at 45 hl/ha. The output stop is fixed at 54 hl/ha. The benefit of L ? name D ? controlled origin cannot be granted to the wines coming from young vines qu ? as from the third year following that during which the plantation was carried out places from there before July 31. Article 6Les wines must come from collected grapes with good maturity and present a minimum average natural title alcoholometric voluminal of 11%. The sugar content fermentable, after fermentation, is lower or equal to 4 g/l. Cannot be regarded as being with good maturity any unit batch of vintage having a high content in sugar lower than 178 G of sugar per liter of must. Moreover, when L ? authorization D ? enrichment is granted, the wines should not exceed a total alcoholometric title of 13,5%. The limits aimed to the subparagraphs above can be modified, when the climatic conditions justify it, by joint decree of the minister charged with L ? economy, of the minister in charge of the budget and the minister charged with L ? agriculture, on proposal of L ? national Institut of names D ? origin, after opinion of the interested producers' associations. Article 7Les wines are vinified according to local practice's. They profit from the oenological processes authorized by the laws and payments in force.

Article 8Les wines cannot be put in circulation with L ? name D ? controlled origin “Gaillac premières côtes” without a certificate D ? approval delivered by L ? national Institut of names D ? origin under the conditions laid down at articles R. 641-

94 at R. 641-98 of the rural code. The rules of procedure envisaged by L ? stopped of December 7, 2001 referred to above can fix the maximum contents SO2 and in volatile acidity to which must satisfy the wines for their presentation with L ? approval, this payment can also envisage provisions concerning malolactic fermentation. Article 9Les wines for which, under the present decree, L ? name D ? controlled origin “Gaillac premières côtes is asserted”, and which is presented under the aforementioned name, cannot be declared after harvest, be offered to the public, be dispatched, put on sale or be sold without, in the declarations of harvest and stock, in the documents D ? accompaniment, the advertisements, on the leaflets, unspecified labels, invoices, containers, L ? name referred to above being registered and is accompanied by the mention “appellation contrôlée” in very apparent characters. Article 10L ? use of any indication or any sign likely to make believe to L ? purchasing qu ? a wine is entitled then to L ? name D ? controlled origin “Gaillac premières côtes” qu ? it does not answer all the conditions fixed by this decree will be continued in accordance with the legislation on the repression of the frauds and the protection of names.

Article 11Le decree n° 70-

970 of October 23, 1970 relating to the appellation contrôlées “Gaillac”, “Gaillac premières côtes” and “Gaillac sparkling” is repealed concerning L ? name “Gaillac premières côtes”.

Article 12Le minister D ? State, minister of L ? economy, finances and L ? industry, the minister of L ? agriculture, L ? food, of fishing and the rural businesses, the minister delegated to small and medium-

sized companies, the trade, L ? craft industry, the liberal professions and consumption and the secretary D ? State with the budget and the budgetary reform are charged, each one in what relates to it, of L ? execution of this decree, which will be published in the Journal officiel de la République française. Warning: Information pré senté be on this site are the subject of a clause of nonresponsabilité INAO_20041126_66302/11/2006 Downloadable document: AOC_Gaillac_premieres_cotes.doc